Introduction & Setup

Flutter is an SDK that allows you to develop mobile apps for both iOS and Android using Dart Programming Language. Flutter converts your code into native code for both platforms, therefore you don’t need to work in those platforms if you don’t want to. Dart Language is Developed by Google.

Download Flutter SDK

First of all, You need to download Flutter SDK from official website :

After Download the Package you need to set Path from Your directory to /flutter/bin

You require some extra Software to run Flutter

  • Flutter SDK
  • Android Studio with Flutter & Dart Plugin
  • Xcode
  • Visual Studio Code with Flutter & Dart Plugin

Then run flutter doctor -v

After this command You will get some details like

  • Flutter SDK path is Located correctly or not
  • Android SDK detected or not (with Flutter & Dart Plugin Installed)
  • Xcode path detected or not (If iOS Development)
  • Visual Studio Code with Flutter & Dart Plugin Installed or not

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